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Why Batman won't kill the Joker?... The Joker wants Batman to kill him because he perfectly embodies chaos and anarchy and wants to prove a point to everyone that people are basically more chaotic than orderly. This is why he is so scary... He might be right. If the joker is right, then civilization is a ruse and we are all monsters inside. If the Joker can prove that Batman, the most orderly and logical and self controlled of all of us is a monster inside, then we are all monsters inside, and that is terrifying. The Joker is terrifying because we fear that we are like him feel down that he is us. Batman is what we (any average person) could be at our absolute best, and the Joker is what we could be at our absolute worst... #Batman #Joker #TheBatman #ElBatman #TheJoker #archenemiesforlife #Nerding #NerdStuff #ImBatman #HAHAHA 🃏

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They are inseparable

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