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TEN.FREAKING.YEARS since I flew to Cancun, met Pete, and embarked on a two month adventure through Mexico and Central America; drinking the worlds most ridiculous Cuba Libre's for 75p, meeting rabid dogs, watching Swoodman get into as much trouble as possible in every single country, and generally having the best fucking time experiencing a completely different world. Amazing times 🙌🏻 #Mexico #Guatemala #WhyWouldYouFryAnEgg #ElRetiro #CheckOutTheCostaRicas #SwoodmanImGonnaNeedThoseFiguresOnMyDeskBy3

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Every Sunday afternoon, we travel to the town of San Antonio for our interactive children's program! Each week, the kids and youth from this community join us for a time of fun, discipleship, and learning together. We love our San Antonio kids, and we look forward to meeting with them every week! You can make more ministry like this happen by giving at the link in bio. #ministry #missions #guatemala #kidsministry #reachthenations #telltheworld

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