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Can hardly wait to share more images from our incredible engagement session in Joshua Tree! Vintage camera @touchedbytime 💍

6 minutes ago

Sparkler exits are so fun because they give you just enough of a thrill... like is her dress going to set on fire? Maybe my hair? Am I walking in a straight line backwards? Is my camera even focusing in this low light? You never know... But what I do know if that they are always so worth it 😍 _______________________________ 5d mark iii // 35mm // 2.0 // 1/125 // ISO 4000

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I love how lively + wild ranunculus grow, almost like they're dancing 🌱// Photography: @elsacreates

13 minutes ago

Tattooed Bride.

15 minutes ago

Megan + Matt

15 minutes ago

All my Utah weddings are in Southern Utah this year and I'm not the least bit bummed about it. Keep 'em comin', adventurous couples. Nothing better than a hike (to a rad lookout spot) on your wedding day. ⚡️

15 minutes ago

Laser cutting happening here 🎉 with velvet and calligraphy of course!

17 minutes ago

Ahh, this moment. (and ahh, #indipresets rule) | Daniel + Rebekah

19 minutes ago

it was 40 degrees out today. in january. in minnesnowta. you betcha I saw a few people outside in shorts. 😂 #onlyinminnesota

21 minutes ago

Another because it was all just so perfect! Britts cute top and vest are from one of my fav local shops @rooleeboutique

25 minutes ago

I've been slightly sleep deprived this week. So I'm going to crash a little earlier than 11:39 pm for once. Good night friends!

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