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art hoeee

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Some proper photos of my new hair, loving being a plant 🌲🌔🌑

3 hours ago

╭❁╯ 「0524:0618」 「🌙」hey ching-guys/gyals its like really late now and i feel like i've wasted my day, just woke up from a power nap and like, i'm still looking for that how to be productive guide ──✧ 「 2nd q o t d ❀」what is your favorite bts album cover? 「 a o t d ✿」i love their you never walk alone cover bc its just aesthetically pleasing ──✧ 「✐」comment "🌿" to be part of the tagLIT squad ──✧ 「 additional tags ♡」 @cvtehobi @lcvebanqtan @yoongixbam @cutaeji @crysblacktears @donghyuckii @jinisual @zgyixxingz @jisoofied @kuongjok @kpop.inspirations @taes_suga_kookie @spooonyoung @okmarklee @_wonhoe__ @saranghae.tae @wbybts ──✧ 「❁」 #green #greenaesthetic #plants #plantaesthetic #softgrunge #aesthetic #fanaccount #theme #kpopfanaccount ──✧ 「ฅ」credits to owner/s; pics arent mine ✧

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