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2. [錦鯉] Swimming Against the Stream.

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Repost from @veronicagrowtype ・・・ Without doubt Brush pen lettering is incredibly versatile and expressive. It amazes me how quick and versatile today's brush pens are too ! To me, it usually makes sense to use one over real paint for quick titles and headings. Of course nothing beats actual paint and brush for an actual SIGN but we live in a digital era when words need to be digitised so there's not always the time to wait for paint to dry and to wash your brush etc. it also amazes me that most Signpainters I chat with haven't heard of tombows ! That's why it makes sense to continually research and marry old with new. Don't be a slave to either. If you are keen to master the brush pen I'm running a mini masterclass on Wed night 12 July at @oldschoolnewschool ! #graphicdesign #brushlettering #brushcalligraphy #brushscript #brushpen #melbournemade #signpainting #handcrafted #typographic #dailytype #calligraphymasters #calligraphic #calligritype

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