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"Finished Line" (Season 3 Episode 23)

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Omfg I'm done with this shit. Everyone has continuously said "westallen is fan service" 1) the majority of the fandom is mostly likely snowbarry at least that's what it seems 2) they have literally planned westallen when Barry first appeared on arrow😂 tell me how is that fan service when it's planned by the very beginning. And it's so hilarious how this person is saying "healthy amount of olicity moments" YALL ARE SUCH HYPOCRITES ITS SO FUNNY😭😂! Because any of y'all who ship olicity and dislike westallen because the "whole season" was focused on them then you guys should go watch season 3 and 4 of arrow. Literally. It's so ridiculous how y'all are gon say "omg olicity has good amount of moments" when they literally had s3 & 4 practically all to themselves. Not only that but the whole season wasn't focused around westallen it was Iris. She is an important character and deserves the world tbh she is a good character (y'all just crusty..) + I don't think I'd hear you all complaining if it was in reverse and the whole thing was about Caitlin being saved. Either way if the season was focused on Caitlin or Iris or anyone else I would still watch and enjoy it in many ways and not be a hypocrite. Honestly this fandom is terrible when it comes to female empowerment and characters. All I see is the hate between Iris and Caitlin when they clearly have no problem with each other. But that's the problem it's focused on two women rather than the man. They absorb their hate and put it on the other woman because that's what people do. If you are going to talk bad about ships and stuff do NOT just make it about Iris or Caitlin you need to include Barry too because that is so completely unfair towards Danielle and Candice who play two amazing and powerful characters.

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Crazy stuff... season 3 episode 23... I personally enjoyed the episode but had some issues with it. I loved the parts with Savitar acting normal, Barry taking over the suit (red suit 😍) and the "race" with the Flash fam and Savitar! That was so dope! I'm gonna post their race at some point. Then the things I didn't like...HR IS GONE! He's my favorite Harrison Wells!! Black flash died... again 😂and I hated! HATED how Savitar died! He has been this indestructible monster the whole season, and died to 1 bullet? Tell me how Barry can stop joe (Grodd controlled) from shooting himself in the head when the bullet is an inch away, but Savitar can't avoid a bullet. Once he heard that gun go off, he could've moved quick! And Barry would've had to fight him! But it's just a TV show! The ending made me sad! Wally is the Flash, Cisco and Gypsy 👀😍. Harry is coming back, Jesse can go back to e2 Bc Jay is back! I'm done now! Follow @Flash.Heaven for more THE FLASH™ ⚡️ ___________________________ Tags: #TheFlash #Comics #DC #Speedster #CW #KidFlash #Flash #JesseQuick #JusticeLeague #Arrow #BarryAllen #CiscoRamon #Vibe #CaitlynSnow #KillerFrost #IrisWest #JoeWest #WestAllen #ReverseFlash #ProfessorZoom #Zoom #Savitar #GrantGustin #DCComics #ViolettBeane #JesseQuick #⚡ ️ Thanks to all my new followers for following 👀

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