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Repost from @funkejenifaakindele using @RepostRegramApp - #isokenthemovie premiere was fantastic. Thanks to all our London fans for turning up,I'm sure you all enjoyed the movie. Great work by @jade.osiberu ,the cast and crew of #isokenthemovie My darling @dakoreea did justice to the character #isoken ,trust me no one could have played the role better. The movie #isoken will start screening on the 26th of May in different uk cinemas so check www.isokenthemovie.com to check the closest cinema to you. LAGOS,get ready for the #isokenthemovie in all cinemas JUNE 16!!! Thanks to my #glamsquad for making me look #gorgeous 👗👗 @wanasambo 💄💄 @parispurple_mua 💇🏽💇🏽 @charishair #gowatchit #isokenthemovie #nollywoodmovie #ajadeosiberufilm #nollywood #greatmovie

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•to the one who's still holding on• Seasons. Some times they're a refreshment to your waiting soul and sometimes you cling to your yesterday's with your last breath because suffocating seems more appealing than starting over. But every time- you leave something you know for the unknown and your emotions are relentless. I find this no exception for Mary. Imagine living life alongside Jesus, all the while proclaiming He is the Christ, and then all of a sudden, He dies on a cross between two thieves - no death of a King - and you're faced with the faith that believes everything He said, or question everything. But wait- 3 days later, the tomb is empty and the band is back together and everything's going to go right back to the way it was. Wrong. Jesus tells her not to hold onto Him because He must ascend to the Father. And that probably doesn't seem very appealing to Mary. You just came back, now you're leaving again? What does that mean for us? All I want to do is hold onto you. And if Mary would have held on, she'd know everything about a miracle-making Jesus, and nothing of the miracle He could work inside of her. She'd know nothing of the greater works He would through her if she'd just embrace this new season. A good season, but an unfamiliar one to her in every way. A scary new journey- but one that will take her farther than this one ever would. And so- if you are like Mary, wanting to hold on to last season with all of the oxygen left in your lungs, I pray that you will exhale in faith. That you would embrace this new season with all of yourself- that you'd remember how to •breathe.• And that may not be easy, but God saw it fit for you to transition into this new phase of life and there is much more awaiting you in this new season than anything you could have left behind. Just breathe.

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