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Happy Friday! I hope you have blue skies where you live (I don't 😜). And seriously look at the most perfect vintage inspired stripes on this bikini! See this @modcloth swimsuit & four more on my latest post. JamieJeTaime.com (link in bio). #fashionismagic #modcloth

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Survived my 1st scooter ride in Paris! AND NO ONE DIED! 🛵🛵🛵

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sa-wa-dee-ka ✨✨✨

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Clothes designed for your body from start to finish | Ophelia Sheer Blouse & Tailored Luxor Pants #ontheplusside

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I am not your sub-plot. I think we need to have a chat about fat people on TV. One of my favorite accounts on Twitter (your fat friend) asked about people's favorite fat characters on TV the other day and the answers were quite shocking. It hurt hearing how few options of representation there were. Why does the fat person on TV always have too long for the fit and skinny "hot" friend that they can never have? Why is the fat characters only motivation on TV to lose weight and have people only notice them afterward? Why is the fat friend only on TV to give witty comebacks and sarcastic comments? Why are we always fat shamed and made fun of and only there to make the other characters look good? Why aren't we ever the main character and not some self-hating plot device? I'm tired of it, honestly. We need more fat people being the heroes of the story. We need more fat people who are confident. We need more fat romance stories that show us happy and falling in love. We need more fat people doing fight scenes and kicking some serious ass. We need more fat people being unabashedly themselves. Hire more people who write movies and TV shows and books about fat people. It's time. We're ready. #MyBodyMyRules

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TRUE STORY....DROPS MIC 🎤🎤 To embody wholeness is to accept, fully feel and experience all that comes... The light and the dark, and in so doing raise our phoenix of peace, love and understanding from the flames of both pleasure and pain. #PlusSizeBlogger #magic # #BodyConfidence #enoughsaid 💯 #trends #fashionstatement #fashionforward #original #SelfLove_RightNow #BodyPositivity #SelfLove #AfricanQueen #plusmodelmag #curveloving #fullfigured_fashion #BoldAndBeautifulQueen #fullfiguredfashion #curveloving #effyourbeautystandards #GoldenConfidence #HonorMyCurves #stylishcurves #celebratemysize #pmmlovemybody #FatAndFree #PlusSizeModel #Natural #MzansiPlusSizeModel #doekdiaries #winterwarmer #createyourownart 😊B😍😍M😊

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Feeling especially spicy about my body today, and posting this pic from NYC when I wore a body on dress with a visible belly outline because I don't have time to hide my body behind voluminous skirts and waist-cinching "figure-flattering" belts. Why am I feeling especially ticked off today? Yesterday, after a yummy dinner with @smugliberal, we walked outside, minding our own business. An older man walked up to us, looked at Alex, and said, "Excuse me, I would like to tell you about a special diet..." Dear reader, I told him to fuck off. Repeatedly. Asked him to walk away. Until he walked away, shaking his head as though *I* had been the rude one. This isn't the first time I've had this happen. It happens to me probably about two times a month at least. It was the first time, however, that it happened to someone else in front of me, and I didn't have to struggle with my conditioned politeness and could just reach for what I wish I could have said every time a stranger offers their opinion on my fucking personhood. It felt good. Here's what I'd like to convey through this post: 1. Fatphobia and sizeism are real. They are pervasive. They make strangers believe they can come up to me and give me opinions and advice and tell me about myself. It's not just lack of clothes that fit or mean looks or fat jokes on tv; it's real-life confrontations. ~~this is not rare for me.~~ 2. When I post these pictures, and call myself pretty? It's a piece of fucking rebellion. It's a literal act of war against a world where I am told over and over that my physical body is unwelcome, is too much, is disapproved of. It's not just a nicety or a self-confident thing or a vain thing; it's my way of surviving, of saying I'm here to stay. Anyways, I look fucking hot and I don't give a shit what anyone thinks. Come aboard the fat-positivity train or get the fuck out of my way.

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