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So you always here about people ripping off the elderly, so I just want to share something positive that Surface Medic Midlands have done for a lovely elderly lady. Christine has MS and lives like a lot of elderly people nowadays, off a not so giving pension. She walked past my drive with her dog whilst I was cleaning my Van, stopped and started asking me what we do. Instead of brushing her off I actually spend the next 45 minutes chatting to her about her dog and her 4 chairs she loved that people keep quoting her stupid amounts to repair. Today I popped in, having been yesterday to have a look at the damage, collected the 4 chairs and delivered them back to Christine about an hour ago. Not only was she absolutely delighted with how they looked but grateful for someone listening to her, as she told me she usually get brushed off. She was the most interesting character I've met for a while and had plenty of stories to tell, she wanted to pay me my full day rate, but I refused point blank and we settled on her paying for the tin of varnish. Moral of the story Respect your elders and give back when you can, I know she wanted to pay for the job, however the company was priceless.

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