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A Wednesday night cuddle sesh with my favorite 😂

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Beat the bloat with this workout, tips, & our FREE 15 day challenge at IdealShape.com! 💪🏻 So how do you combat the bloat? 1️⃣ Drink a gallon of water- it sounds counterproductive, but it will help flush out toxins and water retention. 2️⃣ Eat clean food- you don't need to starve yourself or do a juice cleanse. Our bodies are amazing. Just give them clean food and they will do the work. 3️⃣ Break a sweat- it will help rev your metabolism and get everything moving. Try this shoulder burn: 🔥side lateral raises- 12-15 reps 🔥upright rows- 12-15 reps 🔥front shoulder raises- 12-15 reps 🔥shoulder press- 12-15 reps 🔥plank ups- 10 each arm# 🔥🔥bonus move: pincha hold for 30 sec 🔄 repeat 3 sets of each exercise XOXO, Trainer @kamiprice . . . #workoutwednesday #girlproblems #workoutvideo #shoulders

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