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🌿A lot of the time when someone shares a positive post about being involved in the adult industry on social media, there's always at least one person who has something negative to say about the person for participating. 🌿This could be a post made by a consenting adult, but for some reason people are insistent that they should be ashamed for embracing such a life due to the dangerous things that can happen in that line of work. 🌿Here's my thing; if you yourself are in a situation where you believe there is an inappropriately sexual experience happening to a human who is unable to consent due to A) Being under aged. B) Intoxication C) Answer not listed but your certain consent was not respected then by all means CALL👏IT👏OUT👏 🌿BUT if you're trying to bring down consenting adults, who could be discussing ideas, collaborations and opportunities, then you are using your powers of good intention in a very gross way. 🌿Fighting consenting adults for living their pervy lives/hustle freely is seriously such a waste of fucking time (no pun intended but 🤷🏻‍♀️) 🌿ONE MORE THING; no more "I support you but most people won't" backhanded fake ally comments. Your false support is a setup to continue shaming the human for what they're doing. You're literally saying "you have me and no one else". Not only is that creepy to say to a loved one, it's even creepier to say it to a complete stranger on the internet, even if you do 'follow' them. 🌿Live your life. Protect the young ones fiercely. Teach safety, not shame. . . . . . #goodvibrations #sexpositive #bigandblunt #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #pizzasisters4lyfe #feminist #girlsgoneweed #prettypotheads #mingalondon #girlgang #girlswithtattoos #septum #selflove

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What would you add Pom Poms to right now if you could? I'm currently knitting a scarf to add these beautiful balls of fluff to! And plan to make smaller versions to add to a skirt! 💜 #breakthecolourwheel

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O N L I N E C L O S I N G ✖️ SATURDAY is our LAST DAY for online orders. But don't panic! We have stocked up instore at our 3 locations around Dubai. You can shop every day at ✖️The Uniform Shop at the Spinneys centre in Umm Suqueim. Open every day 9-9. ✖️ @beyoulandubai @citywalkdubai Open every day 10am-1am ✖️ @fitrepublikae at Sports City. Open every day. #onlineshopping #summerholidays #werealmostouttahere ! #summerstyle #wrapdresses #girlgang #squadgoals #dubaibrand #2birds #2birdsdubai 📸 @kelographer

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You know what's the best? When some people make such a beautiful impact on your life that you can't remember what life was like without them ❣️ #myhunnies #girlgang

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