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Have you ever wanted to run your own business? Or do you love Lipsense so much that you want to sign up for a personal discount? It's only $55 to join (about the cost of eating out or a new outfit) so there's not much to lose! This community is so much fun to be a part of and I've been able to start chipping away at debt with he extra money I've had coming in! DM me if you've got any questions! #lipsense #lipsensedistributor #girlboss #lipboss #workfromhome

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Audacious Life Lessons: This one, for most is very challenging. It's no secret that we become who we spend the most time with. So in order to live an Audacious Life one that you deserve and desire you've got to make sure your tribe is right for you. Do they hold you up and take nothing less than your very best self? Take notice of your 5 closest friends. Are they right for you? If not then this is your lesson and task is to start moving away from them. You've got to surround your self with people who are in your life to bring you up, who want you to succeed,and who have your best interested at heart. #audaciouslife #disrupterguru #girlboss #whisyourtribe

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Why do we care more about what OTHER people think of us than WE THINK OF US? . Probably the number one reason people don't sign up as an It Works distributor or quit when they do the small fraction of the time is because they are AFRAID of what someone else might think. . When you are in your rocking chair at 98 years old with the little ones you love by your side... are you going to think... man, I'm really glad I did exactly what SUZY ON SOCIAL MEDIA WHO I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH thought was the right thing for me to do ... OR, are you going to say man, I'm glad I did exactly WHAT I WANTED. . Puts it into perspective, doesn't it?

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✨ Pink, white and blue combo! 💕 We had a doctors appointment, the baby is healthy and growing! We are in the middle of week 17 and nausea is still kicking!!😅 #houstonblogger #pinktotango

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So much energy! 💥

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Richmond buildings are 👌🏻 even in this nonstop rain we've been having. # Who's ready for a few months of sun, river hangs, and good sour beers? 🙋

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Mid-week- Half way through, it's time to get lost. Take a break today, put 30 minutes or more on your calendar and go get lost today. The work can wait, it won't go anywhere. Let your mind wander with no intention or goal planned, just be open. What creative things can you come up with? Sometimes are greatest ideas and solutions come from getting lost. Post in comments some of the best ways you get lost. #soulboss #soulbreaks

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M O R N I N G S // 🐦🐦🐦

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Celebrating our very own Kaitlyn today and excited to reveal she will be our new @trenalainemakeupartist Concierge, in house makeup artist, brow specialist & all facial waxing expert 💄💪🙌❤😘😍 Let's hear it for the lovely Kaitlyn!! Support our project over at atbboostr.ca 😍 . . . . #wcw #meettheteam #TeamTLMUA #trenalaine #trenalainemakeup #yycMUA #makeupArtist #browspecialist #browgirl #newstudio #comingsoon #community #yycbeauty #yycsalon #dreamteam #concierge #girlboss #girlpower #brows #waxing #mua #yycmua #bridgesplace #makeuplesson

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Buenos Dias Familia 😉 May we live lives we'd relive 🙏🏽✨ #ONEPOWER

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This is where my top knot and I will be getting sh✖️t done in a very professional manner 💀 #cholasfirstoffice P.S. who knew it took so much work just to turn such a small space into a white box?!

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Workout DONE ⚡️

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Happy hump day loves! 💓

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