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24 minutes ago

() I cry when I watch dance performances, (Bausch & ballet in particular.) Every time. Never fails. -Dance has a way of reinterpreting the idea of "grace" so inventively and generously that it fills me with whatever idea it is expressing. It's so variable and limitless -- dramatic resolution after dramatic resolution within one composition-- and its physicality directly impacts ANYONE watching. (Which is scientifically proven-brain and emotional responses are triggered almost instantaneously when watching a dancer.) [ --it's the most perfect form of art that mimics Nature- the most perfect muse. It's the most emotionally connected humans can get to its source of life.. . And c'mon- nature? It's so f'ing crazy how beautiful and graceful nature is! Ugh, I mean, look! #icanteven ! - Evening walk #documentation #treeporn #texture #texturestudy #shapestudy #colorstudy #earthtones #linestudy #gesture #gesturestudy #walk #GeezerLyfe

40 minutes ago

The summer backyard to explore - NM's Lybrook Badlands, and current drawing inspiration. Photo by Mike Spieth. Can't wait to get a drone and start taking more shots!

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