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always create your own autumn.

9 minutes ago

Only until we are brave enough to explore our darkness are we truly able to discover the infinite power of our light.

12 minutes ago

All the colors in the world!💜 I don't know whats wrong with me, but I was just telling my mom how I'm going to go to the store and buy all of the crazy/wacky/strange/rainbow looking plants and plant them + see if I can make them live with me!?!😂 I mean, whats next? I am already making such a big deal with my herbs 🌱 that they think I'm crazy but hey - they are my children, shut up!😂🙄 Growing up is strange...😂

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26 minutes ago

Up and ready for a super exciting event tonight, but first a day in work and a post surgery checkup to get out of the way 🙈

33 minutes ago

Merci Nathalie de @tambourbattantkids 😁😘 Bandeau facile à mettre, en moins d'une minute en vente sur l'eshop.

43 minutes ago

So Mädels, wer hätte auch Lust auf eine Runde Urlaub? 🙊 Also wir könnten uns jetzt sofort in den Flieger Richtung Bahamas setzen! ✈️🇧🇸 Wer wäre dabei? 🙋🏼 ⠀ —— ⠀ Kira & Sabrina ❤︎

52 minutes ago

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday 💛☀️💛☀️juchuuu... ich habe ein langes, sonniges Wochenende vor mir 🙏🏼💛 Ihr hoffentlich auch 💛

57 minutes ago

Nothing beats a Nutella doughnut from @shukbakery on a crisp Autumn afternoon 🍁☕️🍩

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