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3 days ago

Attention VIPs: You won't want to miss this Facebook Live! My #futurelulabro might be involved in our next game 😜 link to my group in bio!

1 week ago

My son's 'wonderful' camera skills. Lol. I'm just glad it's in focus! We had a birthday party today & I asked him how I looked. He said good n that he'd take a pic so I could.post on FB and show ppl we are ready to party!! Hehe.. I seem to be training him already to market our biz. :) #LuLaRoe #LuLaRoeCarly #FutureLuLaBro #MyBizPartnerInTraining

1 month ago

Toddlers are super hard to take pictures of because they don't want to sit still and they want to hold the camera themselves lol. But here is Breckin in his super cute unisex LuLaRoe kids Sloan tee! I just love it! A new style to my boutique this week! www.facebook.com/groups/lularoetiffanyfobessmith #lularoesloantee #futurelulabro #lularoetiffanyfobessmith

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