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10 minutes ago

Because this was the image on my most liked post it shall now be my new profile pic. Also if this post gets 30 likes you can comment a name that you would want to call yourselves. #furry #furryfandom #fursona ps not my art #notmyart

41 minutes ago

Lumi holding a smol Valla! He looks a bit spooped! I would be too! Whatever you do, Lumi, don't headbutt the tiny kitty! 😂 Valla: @vallathesaber🍁🍃 Lumi owned and worn by me👑❄ Suits made by LupeSuits🐾🌺 📸: Vel Applebee🐦🐚 ❤💗💛💚💙💜

1 hour ago

Tied strings. My mind comes up with some fucked up things this is one of them. A pattern I regularly see in dreams and what not. ( I think this'd look nice as a tattoo but kind of weird)

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