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✦ Magical Blessings on this New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse! ✦ . Thank you @dakota__chanel for your oh so sacred and vulnerable " Womb Transmission". . We are in the final trimester of our 9 month free webinar journey! . . But don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything! . This is only the beginning. . . We did a 9 month journey because this is how long it takes to make a baby. Often webinars can feel so rushed. We wanted spaciousness. To feel in rhythm with the deeper tides of life, like the 9 month cycle and the moons. . . We are calling on all women who know they are being called deeper into their innate body wisdom, into their wombs to join the sisterhood for this magical birth! . . We release a hour to an hour an a half long "Womb Transmission" interview with a different womb expert from around the world, every new and full moon. The final transmission with ME @womb.illumination, the “BIRTH” is happening March 12th. Then the postpartum fun begins! . . From March 13th-March to the 30th, there will be a free replay of all 18 experts from the past 9 months! One juicy, free transmission a day for 18 days! We are so excited to celebrate this with you! . . In addition to the free replays, we will also be offering you exclusive ways to upgrade to the full Womb Illumination membership package, which will give you access to all the transmissions for the next 9-months, live Q & A calls with the experts, free unique gifts and added supportive bonuses. . . Join the Womb Illumination Tribe to receive all this YUMMINESS for free in your inbox... . ( link in bio ) http://wombillumination.com/wombilluminationwebinar/ . . #wombalchemy #wombhealing #light #womb #wombillumination #divineflow #rebirth #9month #experts #newmoon #fullmoon #waxing #waning #webinar #journey #wombhealing #dakotachanel #goddessrising #love #heal #sexualhealing #wombilluminationwebinar #shonakeelijones

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A bit obsessed by the moon at the moment... New Moon Studs born today 🌚🌚🌚

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Hello, Moon! Gold or silver tone 🌝🌚 (0.47" diameter) $12 pair

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