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2 hours ago

I walk the line // I care ; I don't 🌑

2 hours ago

You think I care , but I don't 👅

1 day ago

1. My girl is not and will never be referred to as a bitch .... but she don't give a fuckkkkk about my ex-bitch. She hears her name and is ready to rip heads off. #FuckMyEx

2 days ago

262 now and I use to weigh 317 a year and a half ago. I've come a very long way and have been through complete hell and back in the last 3 months. But it's funny how one life event can really give you a new perspective of yourself and what's important to you. And unintentionally, I've been loosing weight like crazy. I'm just gonna keep doing what Im doing and to hell with everything else. I need to be happy for me and know that I'm not some unattractive piece of shit. #deepthoughts #fuckmyex #motivated #goals #hungry #letsgo #weightloss #attractive #fuckyouropinion

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