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1 week ago

It's still my bday but i wanna take this time out & mess y'all tl up & scream loud loud Happy Fathers 2 the hottest twins inna city Thugga & Blocka my blood bro's the niggas who made me who Iam today ❤️ y'all real rap #freethuggahoe #freeirvin #freepop #freegq @mblocka

1 week ago

When your brother always won't u to always be thuggish 😩 sorry bro I had 2 be a lil girly 😜 ❤️ u more bro 💯🤘🏼 @mblocka #freethuggahoe #freeirvin G.Q. & Pop

4 weeks ago

Jumping all out my sleep screaming loud loud loud Happy 💂🏾 Day 2 the niggas who gave me the game the trillest niggas from the streets 2 the pin my 💉 brothers the hottest twins inna city Thugga & Zone ❤️ y'all #freethuggahoe 💯 @mblocka #teamgemini♊ ️ we the best 😝

2 months ago

Monday's belongs 2 my 2 nephew's Myron & Byron ❤️❤️ #freethuggahoe

2 months ago

I wanna take this time out & bless y'all tl & scream Happy 1st Bday 2 my mean greedy ass nephew Lil Thugga 😈❤️ #freethuggahoe 🙌🏻

3 months ago

1 of the niggas who taught me the game my nigga Blocka same mother different fathers 1 word 4 letters #dfwt blood Bro #freethuggahoe #freeirvin #freepop #freegq y'all Swyd & follow my bro page @mblocka I wouldn't trade my brothers for nothing inna world 💯💪🏽

5 months ago

Let me just be great and bless y'all tl before 12oclock cause imma be sleep with my #mce I'm so thankful for having these 2 real niggas in my life I thank the lord Nina & R.i.p. Keena everyday thats why I scream to these niggas til this day u can't run game on a girl that get it from her brothers 👆🏾💯💪🔥😜 #teamnina kids we the best ask about us btw #freethuggahoe #freeirvin #freepop #freegq we ain't a gang we a family that just don't take no 🙅🏽shit @mblocka

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