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5 hours ago

Twists on the @nobrandedon_ina Golden Levithan and dirt on the @thorogood_usa boots. I often get asked about my denim obsession. Truth is, they tell my story. Every crease, hole, stain, and tear tell my story without me opening my big fat mouth. A lot of stuff I have that gets worn the most, are made by craftsmen that I have some sort of relationship with, like @zace_denim_usa @nobrandedon_ina @bravestarselvage @freenotecloth @christopheloiron . There's a pride I get in wearing someone's craft and passion. In these situations I'm not only creating my story, I'm wearing theirs. Christophe has said "spend more, own less". That's not a sales pitch, it's a life lesson. #nobrandedon #denim #rawdenim #selvedgedenim #selvedge #thedailyrawfie #storytime #igstyle #workwear #mensfashion #menswear #menstyle #igfashion #fades #denimaddicted #denimporn #bravestar #freenotecloth #misterfreedom

21 hours ago

See y'all there!

22 hours ago

We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are.

1 day ago

New merch! Just in, @freenotecloth Gilroy in Blue. This updated workman shirt is made of Japanese fabric and is indigo dyed. Freenote kills it again with the details, this time with vintage metal buttons that will age to perfection. Super soft, light enough to take you through Spring, with a modern fit.

1 day ago

my crew 👖💙

2 days ago

This 60 degree whether has me digging in my closet and busting out the shorty sleeves!🤓

3 days ago

Crisp Saturday stacks : @freenotecloth Rios fit in the 14.75oz indigo is back in all sizes and the boys are in the shop hemming all day today. We're constantly evolving our in store / online offering, but stocking only the best denim offering is a consistent staple we never move away from. Great denim lives here. #thingsmadewell

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