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In the final instalment of a series we caught up with Neil Witten CTO and Co founder of StoryStream; 'stories of exodus are alarmist claptrap.Frankfurt is dull and has no office space.You can't sack anyone in Paris.Dublin is too small...and so London's status is not threatened....(taken from a piece in The Sunday Times 11.06.17) We asked if London is in for a nasty surprise! "Short term,no.There's too much inertia.Medium term,say a decade or two,London and every other major city in the world is under immense threat.Why? Because technology is changing at an exponential rate and future generations have a different set of values and life expectations.Physical and mental space afforded by nature,adventure and a sense of freedom will usurp unsustainable living costs.While a newly connected,digital,roaming workforce will encourage smaller towns and cities to rise up displace the localised opportunities that currently only major cities can offer at scale.We're living this philosophy by building our business in Brighton and London concurrently,with a flexible and remote working culture that our people really value" #office #siliconroundabout #tech #technology #venturecapital #business #founder #media #advertising #cofounder #management

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Happy Monday from Molly the English Bulldog 🐶

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Start Where you are, Use What you have, Do What You Can http://bit.ly/2rumgc7 Here is a great place to start.. *********** Being an entrepreneur in the creative industries is never easy. I get that. There’s creditors to pay deadlines, payroll to meet, employee and freelancer problems to deal with, and hundreds of other details you need to take care of every day. But here’s the problem: Unless you can get above the day-to-day, you’ll never be able to grow your company bigger than you or even simply turn a profit. That’s why I am so excited to invite you to a 7 Day day course designed especially for creative entrepreneurs like you and me: I will be sharing the secrets on how to win at business, and stay on track with the big dream and still have a blast, including demystifying the myths that so many creative entrepreneurs owners believe. I will l BUST these MYTHS throughout the course: 1) Work Life Balance. Its a real thing! It’s dooable. 2) Money is the only motivator you and your team needs. I think we’re a bit more ‘woke’ than that! 3) That you product or service is your business. IT IS NOT 4) Outside circumstances control your destiny. Only if you let them 5) Your business is all about the customer. What about you?

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