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It took me a long time to forgive myself as a parent. To tell myself your ok and tomorrow is another day to try again. I have two amazing kids who couldn't be more different. Everyday I have to try and meet their emotional needs and at the same time try to meet my own. To all the parents out there remember you have to put yourself first. We get so involved in their happiness sometimes we forget to check in on ourselves. Surround yourself with people who can remind you of whats important in your life. People who will help you become better mothers or fathers. We love our children but our children need to see that we love ourselves. So do the best you can and make time to decompress. Surround yourself with people who make you a better man, woman, father, mother. By showing our children we respect and love ourselves we end up teaching them to do the same. One day at a time. #forgivness #growth #love #family #mother #father #kids #parenting

8 hours ago

Richtet nicht über andere, dann werdet ihr auch nicht gerichtet werden! Verurteilt keinen Menschen, dann werdet auch ihr nicht verurteilt! Wenn ihr bereit seid, anderen zu vergeben, dann wird auch euch vergeben werden. Lukas 6:37 HFA #forgivness #followjesus #newlife #victory #hope #love

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Aslaam Alaikum all, I hope you're all doing well. Into our 3rd day of fasting Alhamdullilah. Myself & 6 other sister's @sweet_closet @craftvibe @elegantlysimple @thetraditionalattire @alias_beauty_closet_uk @swirls_and_lacecupcakes @pritililthings_giftsandfavours Teamed up last year & opened up a justgiving page to raise money for Syria. We still have not yet reached our target of raising £200. So please donate as much or little as you can afford to reap the rewards. Even if it means donating £1, every little helps. (Link is in all of our bio's to donate) Our aim is to raise our target of £200 before eid on behalf of Ummah Welfare Trust donated towards aid in Syria. Please spread the word & donate as much as you can. JazakAllah Khair #syria #appeal #help #ramdan #forgivness

14 hours ago

"Love is the only thing that's real. EVERYTHING else is an illusion." -A Course In Miracles I ❤️ heart openers. They feel SO GOOD!!! When I bring awareness to that part of my body, all of my "monkey thoughts" seem to disappear. Breathing in the expansion of the heart feels like magic. 💫🌟✨ #love #miracles #soulexpansion #soulfood #chakras #shakti #womanwarrior

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