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Anda Bhurji 😍 . . #Place - #Omelette - D EGG Corner. #Egg counter serving a huge range of egg centric dishes. # A must visit place for those who love EGGS. #Speciality >> Anda Tikka, Anda Bhurji, Cheese Omelette, Chocolate Omelette and many more. . #Address Regency Pride Building, Near Style with Scissors, Anand Bazaar Sq. . . #Contact 8878009009 . . #Anda #Andatikka #Food #Foodie #Curry #Foodgasm #Indore #IndoriZayka #Bhaijan #Gym #Healthy #Bhurji #Omelette #SunnySideUp #HalfFry #November #Eggitarian #Benjo #Cheese #Indoripan

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Takkan kot? Awal tahun dah promot untuk Raya 2017. Kami mula awal sebab tak tau akan datang macam mana. Beli sekarang, makan sekarang. Order raya, bayar sikit-sikit, mudah budget. Nak jadi Ejen dan Stokis, sekarang jual orang senang rasa sedap ke tak. Kalau tak sedap, takkan lepas raya pun orang cari lagi.. Sebab, takkan nak makan biskut kilang jer lepas raya, kalau dapat yang sedap macam buat sendiri kat rumah (HOMEMADE) setiap masa, kan lagi best.. So, anda nak rasa jer ker :) Atau nak jadi Ejen atau stokis ker :) . Whatsapp jer . "BR2017" ke 017-9363397 "BR2017" ke 017-9363397 HargabRM25 jer sebalang.. Takde pilih kasihnya, semua harga tuh jer 😊😊😊 Yang budget limit tapi nak booking untuk raya, boleh jer join kutu untuk :~ RM25/bulan bagi 5 bulan = 5balang @ RM50/bulan bagi 5 bulan = 10 balang . Biskut kami hantar 2 minggu sebelum raya.. . . #homemadecookies #biskutteamyunizan #ejendiperlukan #iks #cookies #foodie #foodlover #biskutraya2017

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Воскресное солнечное утро ☀️❤️ и традиционный семейный завтрак. Сегодня у нам яичница-болтунья со шпинатом и колбасками 🍳 Иногда, самые простые вещи - самые вкусные 😌Good morning sunny Sunday ☀️❤️ Today for our traditional family Sunday breakfast we are having simple scrambled eggs with baby spinach and sausage. Sometimes easiest things are the tastiest, don't you think? 😌

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Breakfast: bread with tomato and oil, milk and a kiwi / pan con tomate y aceite, leche y un kiwi 🍞🍅 My weight today is 35.9 kg, 1 more kg than last week, that means a bmi of 13.85. I have mixed feelings about it. I know it's good to gain weight and it's what actually has to happen in recovery. But on the other hand, I'm scared because I have increased the calories intake in my meal plan for next week, and also since I have my last exam on Monday I'm probably going to go out with my friends and I wanted to use that opportunity to eat spontaneously wherever we went. And I think, if I've already gained 1 kg this week eating this, then I'm going to get super fat if I eat more!! I know it doesn't work like that, but it's so hard to accept 😣 #food #foodie #fightinged #choosinglife

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