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This full time work grind is absolutely exhausting me, I'm into my 4th week now and after rolling my ankle in the 2nd week I couldn't work out for a while, so it became habit to just go home and lounge.. yesterday was my first Monday back in the gym, it was hard but I'm glad I went 👌🏻 today I'm going to go on a beach walk and do some abs at home and tomorrow will be the gym again.. slowly going to work out my routine and get back into it properly! Hopped on my scales today and I'm sitting at 64kg, I was up to 66kg about 2-3 weeks ago so I'm glad to be a bit lower now. My skin is absolutely horrible at the moment too because of all the crap food I've been eating but I'm definitely cleaning up my diet from now 🌿

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One of our all time favorite chefs and one of our all time favorite restaurants - get your aloha on @liholihoyachtclub. Get the deets on more tasty SF spots on the blog. Link 👆 #getjag

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