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1 day ago

I still can't believe we did it. We drove this thing for over 700 miles with no issues whatsoever besides the sarcastically terrible fumes that probably reduced our life span by a cool year. But it was well worth it. Thank you to everyone who came out with us I would've been crying without you guys. The summer has begun and so have the adventures. Up next we'll see you guys in Seattle for @wekfest_usa there. #nemosgarage #wekfestsj #fittedtho

2 days ago

As we grow up, we dedicate less and less of our time towards our recreational activities, and towards building ourselves; this mainly explains the diminishing consistency of the posts here on FittedTho, but also contributing to this is that no one has cool cars anymore (sorry, y'all). Taking back to the weekend where SuperKawaii came down to Westminster to host one of our biggest meets, is @alannntho's FA5. Yes, yes, I'm sure you've seen his car more times than you've probably touched an ass in your lifetime, but I'm a man of simplicity, I'm a man of someone not altering TOO much of what's already perfected. There's absolutely no need for a Home Depot plywood splitter held together by self-tapping screws and a banner that says "FUCK YOU IM STANCED BRUH" when clean lines, a well polished surface and quality parts can dramatically enhance the vehicle, rather than wanting to stand out. Some double digit width and double digit negative offset wheels brings this car to an aggressive STATIC stance - something that was rare at this time, considering everyone and their baby mommas go out and pay to get their cars bagged by someone else. ☕️ Good times. #fittedtho x #cliqveforever x #superkawaiicrew

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