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Small opportunities can be the start of somthing great... - Happy Thursday world 🌍 - Some self motivation to remind myself how far I have come in such a short amount of time... myself and Phoebe have faced some very difficult personal challenges during out time, but no matter what we've never lost focus on our goals in life and training. #KeepGrinding -

7 minutes ago

Sneak peak SS17 fittings yesterday.. can't wait to reveal 🙊

15 minutes ago

"Body Posi" - This week's message that's been playing over & over in my mind is the need to love my body 💕 .. Quick back story? .. I arrived to my 9-5 last week only to have a coworker say to me, "Did you lose weight? You look thinner!" .. Yall, I was excited 😅 .. That is, until I hopped one of our hospital scales .. I'd actually gone UP 😩 .. Not in a crazy way, but outside of the insanely high standard I keep for myself .. And that's when it hit me .. WHY was #weightLoss such a worrying point for me? .. I'm 5'11 .. I was 5'7 in middle school .. My height & weight has NEVER reflected western standards of #beauty .. Actually, in many #African & #Polynesian countries, thicker women are celebrated! .. Yet here I am, all this time after my "salad only" teen years, still allowing those same #fashion standards comsume me. Full transperancy? .. Loving my body w/o searching for flaws is still a work in progress .. But this week? I wanted to celebrate it a bit more by rocking & capturing myself in this snuggly fitting dress .. Showing you don't need a perfect body to have a perfect body (for you) .. Happy Hump day IG fam 🤗💗 ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫

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