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Good Morning!! First double workout of my second round of Core De Force! ✅ I grabbed this workout tank without really thinking about it this morning, but as I got dressed and ready to go I thought to myself - It doesn't change, you do! The workout remains the same, but with each day and each round you get stronger so the workout appears to become easier. The hard part is that you have to be willing to put in the work to make the change. You have to be willing to push yourself on the hard days. You have to be able to tell yourself to keep going even when you want to quit. Are you ready and willing to make a change so that you can change? Message me now so that we can get you up and running before my next challenge group starts in February! Have a beautiful day! ❄️ #coredeforce #mmashred #corekinetics #livewithpurpose #allaccess #getstarted #changeyourlife #thisisyouryear #fitmom #fitfamily #fitfuture #workoutday379

14 hours ago

Lorna Jane active wear for women will be at the Happy Hour Body 5 year anniversary a week from today! Their newest campaign is a perfect fit for the anniversary's theme #femalestrong They will be bringing their hottest styles, all for 20% off! They are donating an awesome gift for the raffle as well. Please RSVP on Facebook! Link in bio. The anniversary party is to celebrate happy hour's 5 years, all your fitness accomplishments and active living! If you need some inspiration and/or love fitness you have to be there!!! #happyhourbody5 #lornajane #lornajanegirl #movenourishbelieve #sheisabeliver #femalestrong #fitspiration #fitfam #inspiration #activeliving #keeponmoving #healthyliving #fitfuture #motivation #lovetoworkout #thingstodoinlosangeles

17 hours ago

This man! 💕💕💕💕💕 So other than the fact that he has been a huge support for me during this journey and always, he is willing to do whatever he can to make the ladies in our house happy. Including healthy meal prep on Sunday! Ok, enough of the mushy stuff and onto the clean eating nutrition tip! Prepping on Sunday (or on a specific day of the week) means that your kitchen will be a disaster one day while you chop, dice, roast, slow cook and portion your meals and snacks. Then you clean it up and the rest of the week dishes are limited to what you use to serve the meals that were already prepped. Your kitchen stays pretty neat and tidy the rest of the week which is really nice when you are at work all day and you get to come home to a clean kitchen and dinner ready to heat up and eat! #prepyourfood #cleaneating #planningiskey #preparetosucceed #readyfortheweek #thisman #luckylady #thanksbabe #fitfuture

19 hours ago

Good Morning!! Flexibility in my spine is very important to me. That is part of the reason that I love to stretch, practice yoga and do Pilates workouts. When you have a flexible spine it improves posture, increases lung capacity, gives you a greater range of motion in your torso and into your shoulders and provides a stronger, more stable lower back. Enjoying all of these benefits makes you feel better in general! The active recovery day in Core De Force is soooo good because they do spend a little time getting your heart rate elevated and your muscles warmed up. Then in the second half it is all about the stretching until at the very end you do this spine twist which is a little piece of Heaven after a week of working hard during all of your other workouts! Tell me what stretch makes you happy! I have too many to count, but I love getting new ideas! Have a beautiful day! ❄️ #coredeforce #activerecovery #livewithpurpose #allaccess #getstarted #changeyourlife #thisisyouryear #fitmom #fitfamily #fitfuture #workoutday378

20 hours ago

If you are tired of starting over stop giving up!!

1 day ago

This will be your year for change!

1 day ago

Running is not only an awesome form of calorie-burning, heart-pumping cardio, it also doubles as a strength-training workout for your lower body. Run and you'll quickly see how it can tone your glutes and legs. . .. ... .... ..... ...... #running #myviews #thebeaches #💦 #miles #woodbinebeach #the6ix #strength #runners #running #cardioday #legs #legday #likes #go #like4like #mytruths #fitfuture #fitness #justdoit #betterme #goals #progress #focused #🏃🏃 #saturdayfun #cardio #toronto #home #insta6ix #4 .59km

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The face says it all!!! Hard workout but totally worth every minute of digging deep!!

1 day ago

We have all been there!

1 day ago

Let this year be your year! Leave your past regrets in 2016 and hustle everyday and you will see results!

1 day ago

Putting in work at the gym!

1 day ago

Good Morning!! "Go Mama! Go Mama!" 💕 I love having cheerleaders on the weekends! For most of my workout today Piper was cheering me on! She even made some cameo appearances in my video. Haha! It did take me about 20 minutes longer to complete this workout because of sweet interruption such as hugs, kisses and questions - but it is totally worth it to me for a few reasons. 1. I love sweet little hugs and kisses from my girls. 2. I love that they are my biggest cheerleaders. 3. I love that they watch me, imitate me and learn from me. Like I said - totally worth it! Who are your biggest cheerleaders and what do you want to teach them? Have a beautiful day! ❄️ #coredeforce #dynamicstrength #livewithpurpose #allaccess #getstarted #changeyourlife #thisisyouryear #fitmom #fitfamily #fitfuture #workoutday377

2 days ago

So if you have been debating on splurging for that gym membership, I would highly recommend that you chat with me first! Busy Ladies - what is more realistic? You could buy a gym membership - or workout in the comfort of your own home like I do! You could go out and buy all new workout clothes and shoes that you would actually wear at the gym - or you could workout barefoot, in anything from your pajama drawer and earn free workout tops by completing programs like I do! You could spend hours getting ready, driving to the gym, running on treadmills and using weight machines, driving back home to shower and get ready - or you could roll out of bed, wander down to your living room, press play and kick booty for 30-45 minutes like I do! You could get to the gym and do your best to create a workout yourself and maybe hire a personal trainer to help you - or you could have your very own personal trainers instructing you move by move for any workout you can imagine AND have a coach to keep you accountable like I do! I have the answer for the busy ladies who want to get fit and healthy, but don't have the time or money to spend on something they won't feel accountable to actually do! It is all about an entire year to work on you and this is your year! Message me so that I can get you started on your journey while this perfect solution is still available for an incredible value. I want to be your coach and I want to help you reach your goals in 2017 and beyond! #berealistic #whatareyoureallywillingtodo #stopdreamingstartdoing #howmuchtimedoyouhave #letmebeyourcoach #joinme #livewithpurpose #yourtimeisnow #fitmom #fitfuture

3 days ago

Good Morning! Be positive, patient and persistent. This is all about your mindset! Results happen when you change your mindset to being positive about the process, patient with your progress and persistent with your preparation and perspiration! How many years did I live feeling entitled to having results that I did not work for? Too many! I would eat well for a week, work out a few times (being aggravated by the entire process) and then at the end of the week expect to have lost 5 pounds. Of course I would be disappointed with the weight I had lost, lose my patience and quit. This mindset and commitment level took me nowhere. Who has walked through this cycle more than a few times? Be honest because it is human nature. Last year I reset my mind. It took time to complete this change - it did not happen overnight, but once my mindset changed, so did my body. All by keeping in mind to be positive, patient and persistent. Are you ready to change your mindset? Have a beautiful day! ❄️ #coredeforce #mmashred #livewithpurpose #allaccess #getstarted #changeyourlife #thisisyouryear #fitmom #fitfamily #fitfuture #workoutday376

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