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During Spring Arts Walk (Friday 4/28 5:00-10:00 & Saturday 4/29 12:00-8:00) you can come in and paint a mini canvas for $3! *Easels not included*

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It's not a red herring to say fish-fishermen-fishing plays a role in The Five Red Herrings by Dorothy Sayers. Also paint-painters-painting. The artist kind. And bicycles. . This edition starts with a real letter "To my friend Joe Dignam, kindliest of landlords" who it seems was promised a book set in and around his village in Scotland, in Galloway, to be precise (the author spent a bunch of time there). All the locations are real, it says. How fun. That's the southwest corner. I had to look that up. Glad I did because I also learned this book was originally published in the U.S. as Suspicious Characters. Hmm 🤔. . Like the other #lordpeterwimsey novel I've read this story is quite funny. There is also quite alot of detecting. I wonder what @beth.bonini @teereads and the others reading this book this month have to say? . I enjoyed it but could honestly have lived with a few fewer red herrings. If you like the minutiae of a case, this is for you. I love the author's invitation to the reader to really get involved. . . #thefiveredherrings #dorothysayers #redherring #detectivefiction

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Happy Earth Day!!

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I love fishmongers but have always been a bit wary of cooking anything other than salmon fillets. This is a beautiful shop from the outside, and after months of eyeing it up, I finally went in and said "Erm, I'm a bit scared of fish, where's good to start?" I am going to become a FISH QUEEN! The Valentina of cookery. Months of cooking stew or slow cooking and not much more comes to an end now, largely because I cheated and bought the prepped hake and chorizo in the bottom right corner; and some samphire. I'm going to work through the whole place. Not least because it's also a deli and wine shop, but also because what a huge treat to have this on the doorstep. . . . #fishtale #fishmonger #streatham #streathamhill #leighamcourtroad #fish #havealittlefishyonalittledishy #mystreatham

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