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Let your goddess out.

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Shakti is the spiritual name given to the founder of the Shakti company by a female monk from India. She received the name after working with charitable groups teaching meditation and yoga in the underprivileged areas of Rio de Janeiro. The name means female energy - female power. We have three new styles of Shakti shorts - ignite your female power. #shaktiactivewear #theunionsa #femalepower

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Another beach day.

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#MindfulnessMonday 🙇🏽‍♀️🦋 * It's not selfish to put yourself first. We have to take care of ourselves to be whole, to serve others the way God intended us to do. * Become self-full and fill your cup up to be the best version of yourself. * In my latest video on YouTube I talk about why it's so important to take care of yourself & be full. Link In Profile #DIVADesiredtoServe 💚💛

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In my work with clients I have daily conversations about how we, as Women, feel guilty about Resting, Self Care & doing "nothing." I want to tell you, if you'd like to Enjoy Life, Live & Love from a place of Purpose, you must Rest. You must make Space for Grace and Healing to occur, and sometimes that means doing 'nothing.' When we stay busy & distract ourselves we keep ourselves stuck, not to mention we constantly have the sneaking suspicion that something isn't quite right. So today be Still. Be quiet. Feel what comes up in the Space Silence &Solitude brings. This is what Healing feels like. In today's World, being Quiet & Still is not normal. So be Brave, my Love, & do the Revolutionary Act of taking Care of your Precious Self. 🌹🌙

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@barbwiredolls: Tonight is the last chance to see Barb Wire Dolls for FREE in Los Angeles at @thewhiskyagogo ! We headline at 9:45pm but before us is @vigilofwar fronted by @aliciavigil (left photo), @earthsleep_ fronted by @girlwolf (far right in photo), Russia's @_svetlanas_ fronted by @olgasvetlanas (not pictured) and tonight they have on stage with them some legends: @nickoliveri / @queensofthestoneage famed bassist, @rikkagnew / adolescents & Merle Allin/ GG Allin/Murder Junkies !, then we are on stage at 9:45 (celebrating birthdays too for our bassist @iriel.blaque and our singer @isisqueendesigns (2nd from right in photo), then after us is @turbulenthearts fronted by @thesuzimoon (2nd from left in photo), then @newevilmusic fronted by @axon_plusher (not pictured). FREE SHOW TONIGHT MONDAY APRIL 24th with 6 female fronted bands! All ages welcome . Doors at 7:15. BE A PART OF THIS NEW SCENE AND GO WILD WITH US! Next we tour Europe! Photo by ? #femalepower #riotgrrrl #girlstothefront #destroyergrrrl #womenwhorock #sexygirls #hotg ırls #girlswhorock #rockchick

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