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20 minutes ago

The wonderful Vagina Monologues cast over the weekend. They did such a wonderful job and it was my last great hurrah for the foreseeable future. Being a director and single-handedly dealing with all the aspects of putting on a show taught me a lot about myself and of other people. I saw a lot of good in people and found out the true selves of others. I may be taking a break from directing and acting, but I'll never stop fighting for what I believe in.

1 hour ago

🙏🏼 the times I have found myself again and again is when I have taken some time alone. Alone time is wonderful and beneficial. We need time alone. We need time to come back to ourself and remember who we truly are. Bountiful, Blissful, and beautiful. Today walk with grace, remembering the Goddess you are. Divine and beautiful, there is nothing that can hinder that, Shine On Goddess. 🌸

1 hour ago

Good Morning Beauties! It's a new week with new goals to crush! Spend a minute to gather your thoughts, meditate, have your coffee/tea and set a plan for how you will accomplish your goals this week.

2 hours ago

Yes it is! ✨🌈 happy blessed Monday! Make it an awesome day🌸

4 hours ago

All bodies are good bodies❤ - I have had a love hate relationship with my body. Being a sweet tooth could sooth me for a minute, after I would feel panicked and oblige myself to go to the gym. Dealing with a small body with chunky legs have made shorts quite impossible to feel good in. But these last couple of years I've been working hard to feel healthy, fit and embrace this body that has been given to me so I eat sweets and not feel bad about it. Being strong both physically and mentally, and feeling comfortable in my skin 💪 art by @hollieannhart

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