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If you can't take hearing silence all day on your phone from zero PayPal notifications. (And you are willing to actually do something about it) 👑👛💃🏽Drop and emoji and send me a quick DM 👑👛👑💃🏽

3 hours ago

Got her mind right and her future planned out. Get her own dough and refuse a hand out. 🔮

4 hours ago

-- Ever had to leave your child behind for work? Sometimes it causes what I like to call "Mom Guilt" where you wish you could take your child with you, and they can't understand why not. -- Being in the military causes me to travel quite a bit, and I always try to leave something behind so my daughter has a "piece of me" while I'm gone. -- Click the link in my bio @meseedwards, to leave this adorable book behind for your children on your next trip.

4 hours ago

‪Be so busy working on yourself and be so busy getting your life together that you don't have time to worry about anything else.‬ ☺️

4 hours ago

If you are a hair braider with a YouTube channel please comment below or tag someone thsnks

5 hours ago

Is this still your year? Or are you waiting till December to say next year will be your year..... like you do every year 🤔 #hustlewithagoal #herhustle

7 hours ago

👯Find friends that will do silly things with you and keep you the BEST YOU!💕 So grateful for this gem @kaitlinstrange Thanks for agreeing to meet me IRL after being IG stalkers to one another 💁🏻 #alwaystwinning

9 hours ago

The birthday boy 🎊🎉🎈

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