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17 minutes ago

I 💙 this gorgeous, mischievous, cheeky & sensitive little Doggy. 🐶 I don't know how some people can go through life without having a dog, they bring so much love & joy to a home, or any animal really. ❤️

24 minutes ago

Been listening to music while eating my Fruity Breakfast, and drinking Douwe Egberts Black Caramel Coffee & Water in the sunny garden. 🍓🍌🍐☕️☀️ Today & tomorrow are holiday days from work as I was supposed to be seeing the inside and out beauty @arianagrande on her Dangerous Woman Tour tonight but it's been cancelled. So I'll be chilling in the garden, in peace with my dog (in the right hand corner or pic 🐶) while my boyfriend is sleeping as he's working nights. 😫 Can't stop thinking of Monday's Terror, Monstrous & Cowardice Events, so many people affected & many not returning home. So tragic but we will not let them win‼️They want us to live in fear and not enjoy life, but we will carry on loving, living and laughing in life‼️❤️ Evil won't ever win. 👊🏽💪🏽

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