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SAVAGE – мы оденем всех! Вас ждут элегантные наряды марки ELIS, стильные модели для девушек с роскошными формами из коллекции LALIS, а также пуховые куртки и пальто флагманского бренда SAVAGE! #savage_minsk #savageminsk #savage_by #savageby #savage #саваж_минск #саважминск #саваж #модныедетали #fashiondetails #lalis #elis #winter2016_2017 #зима2016_2017 #fashion #style #мода #стиль #моднаяодежда #afashionby

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"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." #MLK ❤️🌈 . This quote summed up my 2016. I was leaving one thing, the company I founded when my son was three months old with a friend, and helped grow into a multi-state organization, a huge & true community of moms, moms-to-be, & families, a place for people to meet in person, share, for brands to meet with moms in real life. It was my 3rd baby, my blood, sweat and tears for 5 years. 🌟🦄 . But it was time to let it go . I had faith. I took the first step not knowing where my road less traveled was going to take me . I am happier today. I am more fulfilled. I am a again pursuing my passions, meeting and working with the best companies, brands and influencers. I weeded out people who are selfish, self-serving and pretend to be people they are not 🦄🌈💘 . Let's today take time and think about #martinlutherking and his message, and how we can apply it in our life! . Back in 2001 I interned in the White House right after 9/11. I was the only Democrat in the #WhiteHouse . I had the BEST experience. I don't pick my friends based on their political affiliations, I base them on their values, their faith, their goodness, their culture, and giving back. REAL giving back not the fake friend I cut who "give back" by shopping. . As we head into an inauguration that is sure to illicit a lot of feelings, just remember we can agree to disagree and still love the person ❤🌟 . Look in the link ⤴️

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Pearly Wong SS17 "Catch me if you can" Shop: www.shoppearlywong.com #pearlywong

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No secrets could last forever besides the ones in our apartment.

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