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49 minutes ago

Met my super rad friend, @loquikun , whom I've known for three years, for the first time today. How does that even happen?? Lol Spent the day venturing through Seattle, visiting the Starbucks Roastery + four other Starbucks locations, checking out an arcade, discovering the best Tekken character (Bob), accidentally drinking milk (without dying), eating freaking fancy sushi, and live-streaming for the first time. 👌🏻✨a good day.

4 hours ago

Off-Balance Shorts F/W 2018

9 hours ago

So I took a little stroll down memory lane today near King & Spadina where I did my highschool co-op placement with a Toronto Fashion Designer at Clarence Square. What an incredible learning experience it was and not without its difficulties! Everything is so different now. I want to say the 'fashion world' seems more accessible now, but surely there is a different set of difficulties...so all I'm saying is that I am an excellent stitch-ripper. 👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗 #beenthere #beentheredonethat #toronto #torontofashion #coop #fashiondesign #fashiondistrict #torontofashiondistrict #spadina #clarencesquare #muslimfashion #muslimahfashion #hijabifashion #scarf #silkscarf #turkishscarf #coopstudent #fashiondesignstudent

10 hours ago

Hi lovely bunnies 🐰💕 Yes, I'm pretty much gone from here. Unfortunately college works have sucked all my energies. I've been a bit unmotivated, but I'm making an effort to motivate myself but it's not easy 🙊I hope it's just a phase 🙏🌞 . . . . .

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