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48 minutes ago

Sneak peak at a new recipe to be blogged later this week! This gorgeous salad with lentils, orange wedges and carrot fettucine is a wonderful hearthy lunch that will get your energy levels right up during these rainy days. Keep an eye on the blog if you want to try this one out! 🍊

8 hours ago

Guys it's giant yarn month here on The Domestic Wildflower blog and this is my most giant project to date. I want you all to read why it's the best for one use in particular and not for others in my giant yarn projects ebook. In it I give links to resources for the best yarn for each project you are working on, like this one. Get this super helpful ebook here! http://www.thedomesticwildflower.com/product/5-giant-yarn-projects-ebook/

9 hours ago

Do you know where your garlic is grown? Ours is grown right here in California and we couldn't be happier about it! #ShastaProduce #CAGrown

10 hours ago

Mac and cheese with frito's and bacon and carmelized brussels sprouts.

11 hours ago

When I first started cooking seasonally and shopping locally, Nick asked, "when are we going to get 'normal' vegetables, like broccoli?" (The answer: when it's in season...) He's come around to liking the "weird" veggies in the last 4 years, but I'm always pleased when I spot broccoli at market. Tonight we're having this super sweet @hickoryhillfarmga broccoli roasted in @oliverfarm infused sunflower oil with a lemon + garlic tahini sauce. #meatlessmonday

12 hours ago

Do you like buttery blintzes? How about Russian toppings like sour cherry jam, mushroom sauce or caviar? Live music & storytelling? And the company of yours truly?? So come to our Maslenitsa, this SUNDAY 11-2pm, $15! More info in link in bio.

13 hours ago

Apologies in advance for the piles of microgreens coming your way, I did some damage at the farmer's market 🌱 First victim, chicken & apple salad with honey lime dressing + rosemary salt 🔪

14 hours ago

Onions-101: Freshly cut onions often cause a stinging sensation in the eyes of people nearby, and often uncontrollable tears. This is caused by the release of a volatile gas, syn-propanethial-S-oxide, which stimulates nerves in the eye creating a stinging sensation. -Wiki

14 hours ago

It's pouring cats and dogs outside ☔️🌬💨🌨. But that doesn't stop our customers from coming to Qochon for a nice hot bowl of organic vegan noodle soup. 👇Our top seller today👇 ✨QOCHON NOODLE SOUP 🍲✨ - Daily-made fresh rice noodles - Organic tofu - Organic purple, yellow, white, orange carrots - Organic cauliflower - Organic romanesco - Organic rainbow chard - Organic French green beans - Organic baby bok choy - King oyster mushroom - Oyster mushroom - Roasted Brussels sprouts - Roasted Savoy cabbage - Fried leeks - Last but not least, organic vegan broth 🔊🔊Calling out all the vegans and vegetarians out there #healthylife

16 hours ago

We hope you have a great week! Here's a little jump start; meet "Coffee" #hopemarketdogs 🐾💜🐾☕️

17 hours ago

I roasted a bunch of carrots with coconut oil, salt & rosemary, ate half of them then forgot the rest in the fridge for a couple of days. Ooops! It's okay because I chopped and added them to some home made chicken bone broth, tossed in leftover sautéed leeks and shredded chicken. Voila - soup! All ingredients, except for the coconut oil and salt, came from the local farmer's market. . . . #Iusedtohateleftovers #fridgecleanout #bonebroth #carrots #chickensoup #soupchicken #local #organic #leeks #WychwoodBarns #loveONTfood #loveTOmkts #TheStopMarketHaul

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