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52 minutes ago

Every beauty therapist knows how I feel... We all love a new set of gel nails. Fresh & glossy... Until you know it won't be long till clients needs theirs removed. Out comes the acetone, off comes the clients nails... and off comes yours too, noticing ones already peeling off💔🙄 #EyeRoll #NotAPerk Yes, at this time in the morning doing your nails, I know, it's a little crazy - but if your wide awake & something needs doing, you gotta do it🤘🏼 Completely in love with this colour😍 @gelish_official

52 minutes ago

😂 😂 HELL YEA, except it's on Facebook. This person is so thirsty I just can't help but roll my eyes (yes, they're sore af).👀 #jokes #funny #annoyingass #eyeroll

1 hour ago

When you're trying to be discrete but the damn button nose gives away the filter. 🙄

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