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9 minutes ago

Hong Kong in the rain...

14 minutes ago

And we're back! Not sure where that week went

19 minutes ago

This was the welcome our driver, Somad, received from the kids after they came back to JKT following 3 weeks away. The kiddos are lucky to have so many people in their lives that they are about and who care about them. #Indonesia #extendedfamily #expatlife

25 minutes ago

EXPATS… REMEMBER TO CELEBRATE YOUR WINS. Usually, we focus more on expat struggles, relocation difficulties, failures AND mistakes abroad. As expats (especially travailing spouse), take the time to celebrate your wins. Ok? We’re often so focused on the end-goal, that we don’t recognize the essential smaller achievements that get us there. REMEMBER…CELEBRATE unique expats achievements of ANY size that are significant to YOU.

32 minutes ago

When the adventure of your life gets packed into boxes and shipped back home, it hurts. Our 8 years in Asia has been the best thing ever. It's given us an amazing adventure, lovely friends, each other, inspiring careers, our children. Our life. I know that Sweden has sooo many good things to offer us. And in a few days I will focus on that. But today I'm in loss. Today it hurts. Today I regret saying goodbye to our life in Asia.

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