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TEDxBurdwanRoadLive | An Evolutionary Experience "We're all stars, or at least we all could be--into something slightly toxic." In this world of constant chaos we are always looking for some sort of peace or maybe an inspirational void called "Escape". Bound by significant brands & modern technology our lines are blurred, we don't realise how easy it is for us to be driven by Acquired Situational Narcissism - like droids stuck in a loop we start finding ourselves in drenches of sustained fashion & reasonable reluctance. Gucci's & Birkins slung on our arms more like hearts on our sleeves, Rolexes decide our tryst with time & Swaroski's on our ear blurring the sounds of the inner world, daring us to break out of hinterland, whereas we drape ourselves in fur. We talk about soaking our feet in the sand, fleeting free in the Himalayas & discovering the deep blue depths. Our cameras are shrinking & so are our frames, our screens are multiplying but not our minds. We are beings of imaginations, built in black and white, capable to comprehend colours. But we still choose concrete over creations, cultivate lonliness over experiences & comfort over clarity. Through my expressions I want to dare you to break open and listen to the call of nature, let the riot of these colours take your breathe away, begulling us into the wilderness, let the ecstacy wake. Challenging the elliptical, unaware minds, these are dots imbedded in our DNA. The stars within our souls and the universe alight, within our heartbeats, let's live. April 28th 2017 International Management Institute Kolkata (IMI,Alipore) #Tedxlive #TedxBurdwanRoadlive #TedxArtGallery #IMIalipore #photogallery #riotofcoloursculturestraditions #holi2017 #experience #lifeofalensocrat #lensocratfilms #art #showcase #photographersplatform #anevolutionaryexperience #april2017 #motivated #excited #butimbothrightnow #staytuned

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