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I'll be suuuuuper honest, I'm at @the1975 concert with @therealrkells, so I don't have a ton to tell you, but here's a pretty diamond for you to look at ✌🏻

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People often ask me about the gear and bags I use. I’ve tried the cross body camera bags, but unfortunately I began to have back problems after almost every 10 hour wedding I photographed.  When I saw this backpack in my favorite copper color from @atlassupply.co I had to get it, and it’s done wonders for my back! They recently sold out of the copper entrepreneur bag, but they’re back in stock now and I have a 15% off discount code!  You can purchase the backpack on their site using the code JULIAGREEN 🙌🏼 Feel free to dm me if you have any questions :)

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"You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

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私服フォトツアーという選択肢☻ デートの時、おふたりが一緒に写っている写真って意外に少なかったりしませんか? 唯一、一緒の写真は自撮りで背景が写っていなかったり、 通りかかりの人に撮ってもらったり。 ハワイ挙式は、フォトツアーも楽しみのひとつ! お気に入りのお衣裳で撮影したあとは、 肩の力を抜いて、お二人らしく楽しめる 軽やかな服装でフォトツアーはいかがでしょうか🌴 リラックスした普段どおりのおふたりを写真に残せるのって、とっても特別😘 Photo by @kobahawaii #delightful_waydding #hawaii #hawaiiwedding #wedding #weddingplanner #natsumiiwai #weddingphotography #engagementphotos #portrait #ハワイウェディング #ハワイ #結婚式 #ハワイ挙式 #リゾートウェディング #ウェディングフォト #フォトツアー #エンゲージメントフォト #ハネムーンフォト #記念日フォト #結婚記念日 #真剣な結婚式 #ファミリーフォト #記念写真 #ウェディングプランナー #真剣な結婚式 #プレ花嫁 #卒花嫁 #日本中のプレ花嫁さんと繋がりたい

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Keisha & Nate

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It's been said that the way to a man's heart is through his tastebuds to his tummy! 💜If you're preparing to walk down the aisle make sure you have carved out your family's favorite meals. Meal prepping while married is a great way to do this. Even if you're not an amateur chef in your home you can learn basic essentials to keep you and your hubby healthy and happy. #misstomrsbootcamp will teach you how to balance healthy meals and snacks that enter through the doors of your home! 💜Join my June coaching group for weekly and monthly meal plan resources. 💜Why not upgrade your #wifey skills before saying "I do!" You and your hubby will be happy you did the #bootcamp for a #happilyeverafter . 💜 Click the link in bio to learn more!

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Some rad things that make me happy dance my pants off- 1. Waking up without an alarm greeted by home brewed coffee and a stack of at least 11 waffles. (It hasn't happened yet, but I am darn hopeful.) 2. Leslie Knope rants. 3. Chatting with 2018 brides about their wild & BEAUTIFUL love stories. This is a fun way of me telling you guys that 2018's dates are officially OPEN! WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS, FRIENDS! If you're celebrating your love in 2018, let's chat. Then, let's celebrate with waffles.

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