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"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." ❤️

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Hello! I'm Stephanie, and today I want to remind you all that I'm a real person with real struggles, real ups and downs, and my life just isn't as glamorous as Instagram makes it look. What I do want you to notice though is this: I am a Southwest Michigan Photographer who loves chocolate, capturing your laughter, craft beers with friends, and traveling. I've tried to make it my mission to capture the sincere moments around me while helping my friends, family, and clients look their best. This means that yes, I help them pose, but those smiles are real because we are constantly laughing! So there's a bit about me but really, I want to take away that you're not alone and that comparing yourself to other, especially with what you see online is not a good idea.

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how is it that I start out with #brides and end up with dear friends? a package arrived with the sweetest note and a few favorite blends of coffee for me... please stop, handwritten notes and hand picked coffee blends ??? she so gets me. 😭😭 if you need me, I'll be drinking delicious blends and pondering how amazing this beautiful woman is... 😏

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And this would be the most delicious cake everrrrr 🍋 Still not over Monday's workshop.

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ALL the 😍 @heatherstammen I cannot get over these! You killed it!! Y'all be sure to keep an eye out on Heather's page for her blog post from this session! 🙌🏻

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When your husband looks as bomb as ever but you see your dog & she's just so cute and is feeling unloved because you're not paying enough attention to her so you just have to. #sorrybabe #NationalPuppyDay 🙈💕

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Just a little game of pool before getting married...🎱

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Have you ever come to a point in the wedding planning process where you were like "ugh, we should just go get married in Vegas!" Well these two did, and it was awesome! Planning a wedding is hard, what part of it made you want to elope? #beourguest 🍀

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Event and Lifestyle photographer based in LA 📷💕

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It's happening y'all!! Sarah Libby Workshops! I have been pumping myself up all day to announce this because to be COMPLETELY honest, it's terrifying to put yourself out there. My main goal for this year is to be BOLD, pushing through the things that make me uncomfortable and will continue to allow me grow as an artist! Teaching is something I never dreamed of doing, but most of my career has been things I never dared to dream possible. So we are going to do this! I have poured my heart and soul into this and am so excited to teach my first ever workshop! It's going to be a REAL, RAW look at what running a wedding photography business is like. I will be sharing my failures and successes and helping you to to figure out how to navigate this industry! It's going to be hands-on learning! I would be thrilled to have you be a part of this! So mark your calendars for June 6th, 2017! It's happening! Seats are limited, first come, first serve. Also, there will be dancing. 💜 So bring your best moves. Follow the link (in profile) to reserve your seat and get all the info! It's going to be good y'all! #sarahlibbyworkshops #sarahlibbyphotography

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Love and a pocketful of sunshine. www.michaelsantosphotography.com

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