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It doesn't matter what the scale says. Progress is progress!! Whether it's one pound or one hundred pounds. It's something to be proud of. As you sculpt your body you are carving away toxic visceral fat and building lean muscle. Also remember, the number on the scale is not the only marker of health. Your energy levels, how you feel, how you're able to perform daily and how well you're sleeping are the non-scale measurements. Every pound makes a difference. Very proud of this individual for keeping at it and not giving up. 👏🏻 #losefat #leanmuscle #everypoundmakesadifference #1lbmakesadifference #bettersleep #performance #visceralfat #lean #energy #feellighter #measurements #loseinches #tone #progress #weightloss #fit #stubbornfat

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Tomato basil 🌿 soup with avocado 🥑 toast for dipping & nutritional yeast for dumping on everything!

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POST BABY NUTRITION ~ 10 DAYS✖️ . This is what our nutrition does!!! Heidi said yes to loving her body through #pregnancy 💕 She literally just had a #baby 👶 and followed a simple system to get these results✨ . Pic 1 day of delivery 84kgs Pic 2 one week post partum 74kgs Pic 3 today day 10 post partum and post single day cleanse 72 kgs ❌no exercise at all . I constantly meet people through social media crying out for a change to their health🙏 Especially #moms struggling with changes in their bodies, #health , #energy , moods and just coping with it all😫 . We deserve our best health as moms and to be able to fully support our growing babies👶 too. Not just to survive motherhood but to thrive💪👙✨ . Message "mama" for a short video🎥 and find out how I can help you have your healthiest #mombod 🤰💕 #feelgood #realmoms #realresults

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