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2 hours ago

The kitties keep following me everywhere. I feel like April the Giraffe (she's making me nervous, btw!)

2 days ago

Hello! My name is Ozzy Ogilvy and I decided to grace the world with my presence a whole month early because I really, really, really wanted to meet my mum and dad, and I couldn't wait any longer! Mummy wanted a natural birth at home, in water, with dimmed lights, and no strangers, beeping machines, wires or rubber gloves, but I was breech when her water broke and we had to have an emergency c-section at the hospital, so she got none of what she wanted, and everything she didn't want. Still, as soon as she met me (which took forever, by the way, because the doctors carried me away immediately for examination), she forgot all about her previous wishes and demands and could only focus on my amazing self, despite being completely jacked up on anaesthetics. That's how perfect I am. I love to suckle on mum's breasts, and I never cry, because I'm just so happy to be here! Daddy's absolutely in love with me, too, he simply can't stop kissing me! Now I'm looking forward to meeting my the rest of my family, and especially my big brother, Hendrix, in a few days when they let us go home! What a life!!! ❤❤❤ #36weeks #36weekspregnant #premie #pregnancy #endofpregnancy #csection #csectionmom #family #breastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding #motherhood #normalisemotherhood #womban #babyboy #newbaby #myson

3 days ago

My view looking down. Underwear disappears and a full-size baby rests against my legs. So happy to meet her soon, but really going to miss carrying new life inside of me. #38weeks #secondbaby #lastbaby ? 😢

5 days ago

Sitting here doing my hair, which is taking forever, and had to take a pause to drink some ginger tea. Hoping that this will get something going. Hopefully I can get some of that raspberry tea today. Until then about to get to work on some pineapple. Gotta hit up all the alternative labor remedies since I can't do the #1 recommended. 😜

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