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2 minutes ago

Emoji? So really no explanation for why I haven't been posting lately, probably because I've been doing some things lately that make me just too tired to be inspired to do anything. So what caused me to draw now, you ask, well after all of that (basketball camps) I felt crippled this morning. Seriously, I hurt everywhere, so instead of binge eating or sleeping I decided to draw. Although I'm still most likely to eat random crap, oh well I don't care right now. =I Anyways, leave a like if you want this to be a series of pictures. =) #sketch #drawing #art #emoji #myart #myartwork 😍😂😲

15 minutes ago

Did I need more make-up...Yes. ELF is really stepping up their game, I have tried alot of ELF products here lately and have loved them, the blush pallet is good too. I have always liked the fit me foundations I just needed a darker shade for summer, the strobe highlighter I was a bit disappointed in it's just not what I was looking for it was really chalky and it just did not show up or do anything for me....Maybe it would be ok for a brow highlight. #makeupaddiction #makeupartist #elfcosmetics #elf #fitmefoundation #emoji #emojis

19 minutes ago

#emoji #fit #fitnessmotivation #workout #teen #calisthenics #summerbody well it's been like almost two weeks since my last picture and I'm here with another one for the day and I can say body is getting more toned just how I wanted it to be and I'm excited for that . Leave a like on this and don't forget to follow me so I can follow back. ✅😁😁💪😍😍🔥😊😜✅

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