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"Make me immortal with a kiss..."

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Beauty and the beast. The reality of mortality is solemnly compelling. In the arena, certainty blunted the sharp edges of anticipation. I wanted to see how I'd fee if someone got gored, but when it happened I missed it. The muted response of the people to torture was contrasted with the alarm caused by an old lady suffering a nose bleed. Attendants scurried around her and hysteria grew and I saw that empathy is a choice.

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פותחים את השבוע בשידרוג בלונד לחלי היפה❤ סטודיו חי&ליאת 04/6363969 04/6363970

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They will always criticize you, they will talk badly about you And it will be difficult for you to meet someone whom you may like as you are! So live, do what your heart tells you, Life is like a theater work, which has no initial evidence: Sings, dance, laugh and live intensely every day of your life Before the opera ends without applause ... #me #very #vip #perfect #beutiful #solocosebelle #elegantman #⭐ ️#👓#🔝#🎬

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