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This is the moment where I wrap up all the good news I alluded to a bit ago: You probably won't see me much this summer as I'll be shepherding teenagers for weeks at a time and helping them to become centered in Christ. That's right. This lady is going to be an EFY counselor this summer 🤗 This year had a really rocky start to it, but I know my new guardian has had his hand in all my success. I also know I've been guided by the Lord, and I am so overwhelmingly grateful for how blessed I've been! This world is full of rough waters, but the Savior knows the best ways to calm the storm. I'm so excited for the future ❤

1 day ago

REPOST: I remember asking my Mission President what the one, most important thing I could do as a returned missionary. I was expecting him to tell me to get married, or attend the temple regularly. He leaned across his desk and with conviction asked me to make The Book of Mormon a daily priority in my life. He promised me great blessings if I would take the time to read, ponder and pray about this amazing book. He told me I would be blessed beyond belief. He was right. This Book is everything to me. I strive daily to adhere to his important counsel. #LDSconf #ldsconference #ldschurch #lds #mormon #genconf #generalconference #sharegoodness #efy #isustain #jesuschrist www.maeserart.com

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