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1 hour ago

Sorry it's a day or two late, but thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!! Though EFY Training wasn't my first choice of venue, it turned out to be one of my most memorable birthdays 😄 I have met some awesome people and had my spiritual batteries recharged. Now more than ever I am ready to teach youth this summer about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God's love for them. The thing that I learned (or relearned rather) this week was that God loves each of us and through Him we can become better people. So gear up because this summer I'll be teaching and learning #thewaytobecome more Christlike, more loving, closer to God, and a better disciple!!! It's going to be a great summer!!!!! 😊😄 #efy #efy2017cntraining1y

17 hours ago

Crushing it at #EFY , and after urgent care this morning, I'm crutching it too ✌🏻

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