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4 days ago

1 week from today I'll be walking the #birthday plank! You know what that means... #SaveTheTears #Campaign is in full swing! As with years past, I'm asking all man, woman, child, pet, friend, family, foe, acquaintance, stranger, and any group I may have left out to send a birthday video! For each video received between now and April 30th, I'll donate $4 per video to @duncanlouwho 's #PandaPawsRescue . SMALL PRINT FOR SAVING THE TEARS: •Each video counts, no matter the length. •I'd love to see your face but if you're camera shy, pets, kids, objects, those gif things and everything in between counts! •Delivery methods include: social media (please tag @OdetteYaya on @instagram, @twitter, @Facebook, and Snapchat) email & text are approved methods as well as billboards, television, and anything else that comes to mind. •The donation amount has a cap of $4k so let's make sure at least 1000 videos are delivered. •Share! •Videos delivered 7 days after April 30th will count as well. #dogsofinstgram #dogs #animallover #boxers #boxersofinstagram #duncanlouwho

2 weeks ago

Crazy night. Mom called dad in the middle of the night and scared the crap out of him, He flew out of bed to check on beast so I decided to do the same... but got caught in the sheets and fell off the bed. Phew, I didn't get hurt thankfully! As you can see I'm good to go this am! #warrior #duncanlouwho #boxersofinstagram #survivor #nevergiveup #love #fetch

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