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4 days ago

Meet and greet in Sacramento tonight! We are 2.5 hours from sac and will update where we are when we get closer. So keep an eye on this post and we will let you know where we are. We will also be in Tulare CA fri-sun. More info on a separate post for that. ๐Ÿค˜ #duncanlouwho #dog #rescue #boxersofinstagram #sacramento

5 days ago

Dr B says I look GREAT! we think the problem is the issue we have battled my entire life, maintaining the perfect weight. It's always that I've been too light and couldn't gain weight. But holy cow, I've gained 3.5 lbs, I'm 27.5 lbs. I've never in my life been his heavy, this means I'm feeling good and my new #raw diet is great. Bad news is I'm prob a 1.5lbs heavy. The extra weight is putting more load on my joints. I also have a slight case of tmj, I got a little chiropractic adjustment to try and help that. They pretty much spoiled me as always. I love Dr B, he takes such good care of me. #duncanlouwho #dogstagram #boxersofinstagram #rescue #rescuedog #nevergiveup #dog #veterinarian

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