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13 hours ago

Dripping THE TENOR @mistervaporcanada new house line OPERA! It's a blackberry mojito 🍸 . . It's unique and one of a kind! Def come by and try it! They have 4 amazing flavours! It's so good you'll want more 😱

1 day ago

I don't struggle to be extra I just sit and be humble #dripping melanin🍫🔥🌹

1 week ago

I'm rocking like a rock⭐️ drop some 🎸 🎸 in my comment 📦 if you think I'm dope‼️✅Show Love✅ #drip #drippy #dripping

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22 hours ago

being candid getting sick of waiting for my mega crunchie caramel brownie stack shake to make its way into every orifice of my goddamn moist body. #dripping