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Prom Rant: I went to 4 proms in total during my time in high school. My freshman year, I went to my, then bf's, prom. I had a lot of friends at that high school so it was a lot fun. Even though I'm not with that guy now, it was still by far my favorite prom ever. My sophomore one was really awkward. I had chosen the white dress when my ex had assumed he was going to go with me, so I hated the dress. Plus, there was some major drama between two of my friends that night. My junior year prom was fun and I got ready with my best friends. It was kind of a plateau of a prom though. My senior prom was probably the second best prom because I knew it was the last. Plus I had my honorary sisters with me. What was cool is all the seniors in my friend group went together. I also got to pair off with my favorite class partner, to walk in for Promenade. So in the end, my proms were quite interesting but I still had fun. • • • #finsta #prom #prom2017 #prom2k17 #prahm #prompictures #throughtheyears #finstagram #rant #promrant #dresses #senioryear #seniors2017 #classof17 #homestretch #classof2017 #livinitup #homeschoolprom #homeschooler #rhsprom #rockportma #rochesternh #newhampshire #nh #miltonheschoolprom2017

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