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10 minutes ago

The weather today 😍❤❤

17 minutes ago

Ok, I have arrived! Where is everybody? 😂 ( #latergram )

18 minutes ago

Little pilar duck has a home with the adorable (tb puppy) Marlowe @tunathelongdog but there are plentttty that are looking for a new home 🐥🙈🐶

24 minutes ago

Friday, is that you? 😝🙈🙌 ___ Most of our snow is melting due to the warmer weather. 👋🏻❄️ I LOVE snow, but my "big" sis Bella hates it. 😆 Do you like snow? ❄️💕 - Ellie

31 minutes ago

The Octavia Poop Bag Holder by Shep. Now that you know this exists can you really go back to that little plastic red bone? Use code FETCHFREE for free shipping at www.ShepHouse.com

32 minutes ago

Our 50% Sale ends on Sunday!! Grab 3 months supply of poo bags online now for only £4.49 - follow link in bio 😊💩🐶 @judethefrench 📸😘

38 minutes ago

I am worried about our future...Today is a bleak day for our country. I am hoping that we can still come together and support one another as people and pups no matter our differences. #LoveTrumpsHate

44 minutes ago

Mom, give me a fruit loop & nobody gets hurt 💙❤️💜💛

1 hour ago

Glad it's Friday ✌️

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