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24 minutes ago

Happy Monday! #tgim Have a great start to this week!😁 My weekend was so nice though! My parents came over for #dinner on Saturday and I whipped up yet another great menu🤗 As appetizers we had raw veggie sticks with 3 dips: humus, white bean parsley dip, and a red beet mint dip 😍 Starter was a simple tomato soup. The main dish 👆 was (again) slow-cooked roast #duck breast, mashed people potatoes with truffle oil (not a fan of that oil😂), and sautéed green beans, bell pepper, onion with roasted almond slivers😋😀 Everything was so good and my family loved it which made me beyond #happy ! It's such a good feeling when your guests and family are satisfied and content 🌞 Dessert was a healthy chocolate cake which I'll show you too soon! #duckbreast #mashedpotatoes #veggies #dinnerparty #dinnerdate #lunch #weekend

46 minutes ago

Горещата храна е най-доброто оръжие срещу студовете ;) Опитай разтопяващия "Суит енд Смоуки" (330 гр) със 100% телешко и люти чушлета халапеньос + порция картофки на специална цена :)

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