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I struggle sometimes with this especially when I am tired. I am trying to be more present in my prayers. I have noticed the difference in saying a prayer versus actually praying. Praying is a true communication with God. We talk to him and feel that the words we speak are from the heart. We pause and think about those who need our prayers, and we pray for them. We pause and think about our day and how God has blessed us, then we thank him. We pause and think about things we might have done differently throughout the day, we repent, ask for forgiveness, and then strength to overcome temptation. Every word in a true prayer is thought out, felt out, and then spoken. It can be out loud, it can be silent. But it must always be fervent, sincere, and with true intent. I posted up a sign in my room that says, "did you think to pray?" And since I have done that I have remembered more often to pray and be sincere. โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข #prayer #didyouthinktopray #sweethourofprayer #lds #sharegoodness #lighttheworld

3 weeks ago

โ“Ÿโ“กโ“โ“จโ“”โ“ก โ“ฆโ“žโ“กโ“šโ“ข

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